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Isdin Ureadin Ultra 30 Exfoliating Cream

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Isdin Ureadin Ultra 30 Emollient Exfoliating Cream

Reduces the appearance of thickened skin, restoring its smoothness Reparative moisturizing formula especially indicated for thickened skin and calluses.


Isdin Ureadin Ultra 30 Exfoliate Cream effective exfoliation and moisturising for hyperkeratosis

Extremely dry skin can become flaky and itchy. In some areas, such as the feet, the extreme dryness can lead to hyperkeratosis.

Hyperkeratosis is one of the skin’s defense mechanisms to protect from external factors. The skin becomes thicker and harder to protect from rubbing, such as that caused by shoes. This thickening of the skin consists of an accumulation of keratin in the outer layers of skin.

Hands and feet are affected the most, developing calluses and roughness, although hyperkeratosis can also be found on elbows and knees or even larger patches of skin.

Isdin Ureadin Ultra 30 A hydrating - smooth, and effective exfoliant

For even, soft skin, the Ureadin Ultra line is a complete exfoliation and deep-moisturising solution, with products for different parts of the body.


Exfoliates to reduce the appearance of thickened skin and intensely hydrates, restoring the skin barrier thanks to Urea ISDIN. Non-oily and fast-absorbing texture.

How to use Isdin Ureadin Ultra 30 Exfoliate Cream

Apply once or twice a day to the thickened area. Massage until absorbed. For the best results, use with Ureadin Podos Gel Oil as a maintenance moisturizer.


  • Urea ISDIN 30%.

  • Dimethicone.

ISDIN Ureadin Ultra 30 Exfoliating Cream is especially indicated to exfoliate and remove excess dead skin from areas that tend to accumulate it like feet, elbows, knees and hands and also to deeply hydrate. Thanks to the 30% urea in its composition, it restores the skin's smoothness and softness reducing the thickening of the skin. Plus, it has a non-greasy texture and is quickly absorbed.

Characteristics of ISDIN Ureadin Ultra 30 Exfoliating Cream 

  • Texture: cream;

  • Skin issues: dry and thick skin;

  • Time of application: mornings and evenings;

  • Age: 20+;

  • Skin type: dry skin;

  • Main benefits: exfoliates and hydrates the skin.

Ureadin Ultra 30 CreamA more supple skin for your feet and hands

Is the skin on your feet thickened and hardened? The use of unsuitable footwear, a constant pressure in a particular area, or a lacking hydration are factors that facilitate the formation of calluses on the feet. Ureadin® Ultra 30 reduces thickening skin thanks to the rehydration and microexfolianting activity of Urea Isdin®. Ureadin® UItra 30 intensely hydrates and restores the skin barrier.