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ISDIN SI-Nails Varnish

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Strengthens your nails with an invisible finish. The combination of ingredients supplies nails with more keratin, more hydration, more silicon and more protection.

 ISDIN SI-Nails Varnish 

  • Contains Pistacia Lentiscus which improves nail architecture by increasing keratins and the bonds between them
  • Hyaluronic acid derivative that provides long lasting moisture for flexibility of nails and hydration of cuticles
  • Promotes nail growth by remineralising the nail

How to use:

Apply every day to clean, dry nails (without nail polish)

Use the moistened brush to paint along the entire edge of the nail and cuticle. 

Move the brush vertically from inside out, covering the entire surface of the nail. If possible, also pass the brush under the nail