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ISDIN Nutratopic PRO-AMP Facial Cream

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A facial cream for atopic skin ,ideal for children and babies as a preventative and adjuvant treatment for flare ups. It prevents, cares and reduces the visible symptoms of facial atopic dermatitis, itching,  dryness, skin edema and flakiness in babies and toddlers.

ISDIN Nutratopic PRO-AMP  Facial Cream

  • Increases the production of antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), which are the skin's first line of defense, through the action of L-isoleucine
  • Controls the signs of atopic dermatitis through its dual active protection
  • Restores the skin barrier and reduces the risk of infections 

How to use:

Apply twice a day to the face. It works as a adjuvant treatment for symptom control and maintenance during remission periods.