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ISDIN FotoP Fusion Gel Sport 50+

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ISDIN FotoP Fusion Gel Sport 50+ is the ideal sunscreen for people exercising and involved in sport.  The pleasant sense of freshness helps to balance the body temperature during exercise providing the "cooling down effect"

ISDIN FotoP Fusion Gel Sport 50+ has fusion fluid technology that allows for easy application and absorption .

  • It is wet-skin, sweat and water resistant.
  • The oil free, gel texture makes it non stick easy to apply and gets absorbed instantly, With a practical and portable packaging.
  • Perfect for men and on areas of body hair and scalp
  • It is Non sensitizing, Oil-free, Dermatologically tested and Biodegradable.

How to use

Mark a line ,Spread it for 3 seconds and enjoy the invisible and fresh protection.

Apply every 2 hours or after sweating ,swimming or drying off with a towel.