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Dehydrated Moisture Recovery Cream

This Cicastela® repairing cream is ideal for daily boo-boos of babies and kids from birth on.

  • Promotes effective skin repair (Hyaluronic Acid).
  • Provides immediate and long-lasting soothing comfort (Panthenol).
  • Purifies the epidermis (Copper-Zinc).
  • Protects the skin barrier to preserve its richness (Avocado Perseose®).


For minor irritations and redness from birth on. Can be applied to the mouth area, red patches, skin folds, redness in the diaper area, scratches, traces of chickenpox and insect bites.

  • Effectively repairs irritated skin:98% agree.
  • Helps to reduce sensations of irritation: 98% agree.
  • Leaves the skin supple and soft: 96% agree.