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Solgar Alpha Lipoic Acid 200mg 50s

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Solgar Alpha Lipoic Acid 200mg 50s provides 200mg of alpha lipoic acid, an antioxidant and a co-enzyme, in every capsule. It is fat and water soluble which allows it to provide antioxidant action in the membrane and aqueous parts of the cells.

Solgar Advanced 40 + Acidophilus Vegicaps_Buy discounted solgar products online south africaOut Of Stock

Solgar Advanced 40 + Acidophilus Vegicaps

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Solgar Advanced 40+ Acidophilus Vegicaps is a non-dairy formulation designed specifically for mature adults, providing specially cultured strains LA-5, LGG, L.Casei, BB-12 and TH-4.

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Vitaforce Ultra Performance Effervescent Tablets

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Vitaforce ultra performance Effervescent Tablets is the energy booster for performance of your body and mind. It contains a potent B-complex to provide natural sustained energy and more vitality.


Sterimar Baby Nasal Hygiene Spray

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Sterimar Baby Nasal Hygiene Spray uses isotonic filtered sea water to help relieve nasal congestion in babies from 0 to 3 years old. Its all-natural formula is free from preservatives and is very gentle.


Sterimar Baby Hypertonic

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Sterimar Baby Hypertonic contains a hypertonic sea water solution to effectively unblock your baby’s nose. It’s gentle on your little one’s nasal passages and is rich in mineral salts and marine trace elements.


Sterimar Nasal Hygiene Spray Istonic



Sterimar Nasal Hygiene Spray Isotonic  uses sea and trace elements to create a specific isotonic product for nasal hygiene. It helps restore natural moisture lost to air conditioning, heating or travel.


MNI Rheuma lin Capsules 40s

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MNI Rheuma Lin 40s Tablets is specially formulated to help alleviate inflammation and improve joint mobility. It works by blocking off certain biochemicals associated with inflammation and joint discomfort so you can get back to enjoying life.


Probiflora Junior Chewable 30s

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Probiflora Junior Chewable 30s Tablets helps to restore and maintain your child’s delicate intestinal flora. Comes with 3 probiotic strains to help with gut health, immune function, lactose intolerance and food allergies.


Probiflora Infant Drops 5ml

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Probiflora Infant Probiotic Drops 5ml contains a blend of good bacteria to help improve your little one’s digestion. Perfect for use after antibiotic treatment or diarrhoea. Easy to administer.


Probiflora 9 Strain Adult Intensive 30s

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Probiflora 9 Strain Adult Intensive 30s is specially formulated with 9 probiotic strains to help improve intestinal health in adults. Capsules suitable for vegetarians.Each capsule contains:Total probiotic count: 5 billion cfu*


Neurovance Kids Syrup 200ml

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NeuroVance Kids 200ml is a strawberry flavoured syrup formulated to aid and optimise your child’s brain performance. It contains a unique blend of plant-derived ingredients that increase concentration, and boost overall brain function and development.


MNI Rychol 60s

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MNI RhyCol 60 Tablets contains a special formulation of barberry root extract, apple polyphenols and phytosterols, and helps to stabilise blood cholesterol levels.


Mni Antagolin 60s

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MNI AntaGolin 60s Tablets is made with a special blend of phytochemical compounds derived from barberry root and banana leaf extracts, and inositol to help regulate blood sugar and fats in the body.