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Sterimar Baby Nasal Hygiene Spray

R159.00 R144.00

Sterimar Baby Nasal Hygiene Spray uses isotonic filtered sea water to help relieve nasal congestion in babies from 0 to 3 years old. Its all-natural formula is free from preservatives and is very gentle.


Sterimar Baby Hypertonic

R159.00 R144.00

Sterimar Baby Hypertonic contains a hypertonic sea water solution to effectively unblock your baby’s nose. It’s gentle on your little one’s nasal passages and is rich in mineral salts and marine trace elements.


Sterimar Nasal Hygiene Spray Istonic



Sterimar Nasal Hygiene Spray Isotonic  uses sea and trace elements to create a specific isotonic product for nasal hygiene. It helps restore natural moisture lost to air conditioning, heating or travel.

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